We help real estate brokers keep money from walking out the door

We help real estate agents keep their work from consuming their life

What is Buddy Agent?

Buddy Agent ® is a Brokerage-Centric Platform Designed to Give Agents Work-Life Balance

Buddy Agent ® helps real estate brokers and agents earn more money while helping busy agents protect their time and priorities.

With the Buddy Agent ™ system (available on the web or as an app), busy agents can send excess business to less-busy agents within their firm, while offering a financial incentive.

Within seconds, an agent can leverage the availability other agents in the firm, and find the perfect buddy to assist when conflicts arise. Buddy Agent’s unique “Smart Match” technology quickly finds the perfect buddy based on availability, location, expertise, and language.

Top agents earn additional income for all the new leads they bring in, without the usual risk of burning out from too much work. Buddy Agent ® is the answer to the old myth that agents can’t take vacations or a weekend off. With Buddy Agent ®, busy agents can finally balance their life and career.

Less-busy agents (such as new, part-time, and/or solo agents) benefit too: they’re more productive and have an easier time getting new business and gaining experience quickly. Buddy Agent ™ helps less-busy agents earn more and learn more while they develop into top performers. Buddy Agent ™ will quickly become the most valuable tool in every agent’s toolbox, at a price that anyone can afford.

Helping Busy Agents Protect Their Time and Priorities

Find the Right Buddy When You Need One

Locate the Right Realtor in the Right Place, At the Right Time

Leverage the availability of Realtors in your firm – Resolve your conflict of schedule with a few clicks and protect your priorities.


Our smart matching search will recommend the right Realtor for your referral lead. No more guesswork or missed opportunities.


Manage your “Newly Assigned” business by leveraging your availability, specialty, languages and/or location, all from one place.


Say goodbye to annoying bulk office emails. You will only be notified when a new opportunity matches your profile preferences.

Find A Buddy

Locate the right Realtor in the right place, at the right time. Connect with a Buddy instantly and go back to what you were doing.

Favorite Agents

Add multiple buddies to your “Favorites” list to create a trusted, on-demand team that works well together.

Gamechanger. I see Buddy agent as being a pivotal tool and resource for servicing clients quickly, efficiently, and maximizing profits. The same way smartphones and Facebook changed the dynamics of how we do business, Buddy Agent is already changing the business of real estate. We can look at our team and business models from a whole new perspective. This tool gives us the ability to design our businesses,and interact and provide opportunities for agents we otherwise would never have met. Thank you for developing this remarkable tool.

Heather Elise MaierReal Estate Agent, Samson Properties, LLC

Buddy Agent is a game changer. It enables agents to get the help that they need, when they need it -- from an agent who is located in the right spot to be able to help. Need an agent to open a house for a home inspector? Need someone to show a property for you, or cover for you while you're away? Buddy Agent is the answer. It is the ideal solution to many problems that plague REALTORS every day. I see myself using it big time!

Jeff SecrestTech Lead, Samson Properties

I fell in love with Buddy Agent the moment I heard how it works. By the end of the presentation I was convinced it was the sharpest product to help us in our line of work. I found it practical, simple, and just perfect. In reality, it is a way to have a significant number of assistants without contracts or obligation. Bottom line: Freedom.

Lucia TalbertRealtor, First Time Home Buyer Specialist

Very exciting new product and an incredible way to build and supplement your team.

Danny SamsonOwner, Broker of Samson Property

Buddy Agent is a Game Changer by giving the busy agent a new competitive weapon for lightning-fast speed of business.

Tim FaheyDirector of Marketing, Samson Properties

Buddy Agent solves a classic agent dilemma with just a click or two. Now agents can keep their standard of service AND protect their time for what's important.

Matt James,Co-Founder, Arroyo and Co. Research and Consulting