Your Life… Your Choice

Helping Realtors Satisfy Clients and Family At The Same Time

We Believe

  • We believe in always answering phone calls from our spouses or children. Even in the middle of the business day. Even while closing or showing. Business exists to support family. Not vice versa
  • We believe date-night with our spouses beats late-night with a “hot lead.” We believe Saturday morning pancakes and soccer games with our kids beats Saturday morning showings with a prospect. While hot leads and big commission checks are important, they are no substitute for love
  • We believe that in the real estate business, if anyone loses, then everyone loses. The only way to build a great business or a great life is to make it work for everyone involved
  • We believe abundant opportunity and resources are locked within every brokerage. And every agent can unlock that treasure trove with the right tools
  • We believe a happy broker makes a happy agent. And vice versa. And happy families make for good business

It Began in an Airport…

My son didn’t even cry. His lower lip quivered. His eyes glistened. His voice dropped to a whisper. But he didn’t shed a tear.
“You mean you’re not coming?”
I couldn’t speak. I could only nod, “no.”
The sadness in his eyes hurt more than tears ever could.
What was I doing? I became a realtor to escape this kind of madness.
My name is Mohammad Hashmi. My friends call me Dali. I’m the President and Co-founder of Buddy Agent™ . After 13 years in the technology industry, I made a conscious decision to become a Real Estate Agent. I wanted a better life.
I chose this industry so I could be my own boss and make a good living. I dreamed of flexible hours to enjoy more time with my family.
The real estate business is wildly unpredictable. I’ve been selling property since 2008. But that day in the airport was especially hard. I had a couple of deals under contract and several buyers looking for homes. They wanted to move in before the end of the summer. I had to prioritize.
So there I stood, sending my wife and son on our annual family vacation without me. Business took priority over vacation.
Standing alone in the airport, reality smacked me dead in the face.
This job was eating my life.
Right then and there I promised myself – and my son – “I’ll never miss another family vacation again.”

The Solution:

Buddy Agent

The real estate buying and selling process is what it is. I can’t change it. But I was determined to find a way to have a life and still be successful in real estate.
As I talked with other realtors, I found that I was not alone. This wasn’t just my problem. Every realtor and broker across North America struggles with it. How do you find the right balance between business and life and still be a successful Realtor?
After months of brainstorming, my co-founder Sam Alomari and I hit on a solution. I’d even call it a little bit of “divine inspiration” or “stroke of genius.”
See, every brokerage is subject to the 80/20 rule: 20% of the agents make 80% of the money. So why not harness the free time of the 80% in a way that helps everyone make more money and free more time.
(Technology makes possible today what was impossible back when I started in real estate.)
Together, we built the first ever brokerage-centric communications app. It allows almost instant agent-to-agent collaboration. It makes every agent more productive and still protects our most precious asset: time.
Our “smart-match” technology connects busy agents who lack time with qualified agents who lack work. Agents win and brokers win, because more business stays inside the brokerage. Families win because the resources of the entire brokerage are always available to every agent. And the Broker-owner wins because he can offer the benefits of Buddy Agent to recruit and retain top performers.
That’s what I call a Win-Win-Win.
That’s what I call Buddy Agent.