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For Brokers

How is Buddy Agent ™ better than our current email blasts and Facebook groups for open houses and referral alerts?

Many agents consider email blasts and Facebook posts to be more annoying than helpful because they are not targeted and often irrelevant to most agents, and the number of emails/posts can be overwhelming, even in smaller firms. Buddy Agent ™ only sends targeted notifications to agents based on their preferences, so your agents get the help they need, when they need it, without drowning in a sea of emails or get distracted with other Facebook posts from friends and families.

Most of our agents aren't tech-savvy. How much training is needed to use Buddy Agent ™?

Schedule a demo, and we’ll show you how easy it is! We’ve designed Buddy Agent ™ to be easy and intuitive to use, and we’re constantly improving thanks to feedback from brokers and agents. Buddy Agent ™ includes helpful how-to training videos, and a dedicated support team to help as needed.

Is Buddy Agent ™ a good fit for my very small (or very large) brokerage firm?

Buddy Agent ™ is ideal for firms with 100+ agents, up to 200,000 agents and beyond. The larger your firm, the more useful Buddy Agent becomes at helping agents balance the work within your firm, for better commissions and less burnout.

How much work is it to manage the system? I'm a very busy broker.

Buddy Agent ™ is a self-service system for agents, and it requires no additional work from brokers. That said, some brokers like to make suggestions to their less-busy agents if they see unassigned requests that these agents could handle.

How can I motivate my agents to use Buddy Agent ™?

Show agents the Buddy Agent ™ Explainer Video. In our video, we explain to agents how they can easily earn more money every day and regain their personal lives with our simple-to-use system. Once agents see how Buddy Agent ™ can help them, they’re usually clamoring to use it as soon as possible.

For Agents

I already have a buddy agent, so how is Buddy Agent ™ better?

Busy agents often find themselves with multiple listings and multiple buyers to manage at the same time. A single buddy isn’t always available to help with all the requests, and sometimes the work is outside that one agent’s specialty. With Buddy Agent ™, agents can find the perfect buddy to help with every situation — a buddy with the right availability and the right expertise, in the right location.

Can I sign up for Buddy Agent ™ without my broker?

Buddy Agent ™ requires a broker to sign up for our service, regardless of how many agents will use the system. Show your broker the amazing benefits in our Explainer Video and on our Broker page, to show them that Buddy Agent ™ is a win/win for them and their agents.

How is Buddy Agent ™ better than using an assistant to cover for me?

Assistants help with admin work, but they’re not licensed to do an agent’s job. Assistants can’t show houses, advise clients, take over transactions, discuss terms, or write or negotiate deals.

How does this help part-time agents?

Whether you’re a part-time or full-time agent, you eventually need time off, and you always need new business. Buddy Agent ™ helps you with both, and it helps you maintain a flexible schedule. Agents can access Buddy Agent ™ whenever they have time, whatever their schedule. Agents can quickly leverage the excess business available from busy agents in the firm, and they can hand off upcoming commitments to other agents when they need time off.

I prefer working with certain agents, such as an existing buddy team or a team of family members. How can Buddy Agent ™ help?

Agents can easily add multiple buddies to their “Favorites” list, to create a trusted on-demand team that works well together. When your favorite buddies are available, you can quickly share work with them in seconds, faster than a phone call. And when your team isn’t available or you need a different kind of agent, Buddy Agent ™ lets you find other buddies in your firm within seconds. If your favorite buddies are friends or family members, Buddy Agent ™ is the perfect solution to be able to finally enjoy some quality time together.

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