Attention Real Estate Brokers & Agents!

Free premium accounts for all agents until Dec 31st when brokerages sign up before Oct. 31st*

The new BUDDY AGENT APP changes everything!

Buddy Agent is a new platform available as an app on your smartphone that enables agents within a brokerage to collaborate instantly to share leads, deals, and tasks. It’s the ultimate productivity tool for both busy agents who need some work/life balance, and non-busy agents looking for earning opportunities. The app includes:

  • ‘Smart Match’ technology with GPS locator to find a buddy agent quickly for situations that require immediate assistance;
  • Fees and referral splits can be negotiated electronically in an instant;
  • Track status updates and recommend your buddy once the task or referral is complete;
  • Brokerage data that provides a true 10,000 foot view of your firm.

For more details please call +1 (888) 800-6765 or visit

  • Agents!: Please let your broker know about our special, limited time offer that will make this dream app a reality for you and every agent in your organization at NO COST through December 31st, 2016.

*Offer valid through Oct. 31, 2016. Access to premium accounts ends Dec 31, 2016. Requires small brokerage participation fee.

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