It can happen to even the best of brokerages.

As a leader, perhaps you’ve gone out of your way to build a culture of collaboration, trust, inspiration, and success among your collection of real estate agents and professionals. You’ve always tried to ensure that your business was a place people wanted to work and one where a lucrative career in real estate could be reality for all.

Or maybe a positive, vibrant work culture has always been a bit of a challenge. As a broker, you’ve always wanted to see such a thing take hold, but – admittedly – you know that developing such an atmosphere is not exactly your strong suit.

When we began building out the Buddy Agent application and suite of products, we wanted to keep the needs of all brokerages and agents in mind. So we designed it to be an easy, intuitive, and productive way for agents and brokerages to experience an increase in productivity, compensation, and agent satisfaction.

According to a 2013 survey by the Boston Consulting Group, the Top Three Things Employees Value Most Highly are:

  • Appreciation for your work
  • Good relationships with colleagues
  • Good work-life balance

Of course, you’ll find other statistics that declare salary/compensation as the most important factor, and while we can all agree that income is a super-important element of establishing a happy culture at work, we all also understand that regardless of pay, the majority of employees will seek work elsewhere if the culture of an employer is otherwise lacking. An attractive compensation plan does not necessarily guarantee a good agent retention rate.

Collaborating with Buddy Agent

We’re proud that Buddy Agent serves to enhance all the elements of employee satisfaction noted above (and more).

First and foremost, Buddy Agent is a collaborative product that allows agents to receive and show:

  • Appreciation for the work of fellow agents

  • Develop good relationships with colleagues

  • Enjoy excellent work-life balance

How does Buddy Agent meet those goals?

The “Recommendation” feature within Buddy Agent allows busy agents who have delegated excess work to less-busy agents (filling in at Open Houses, showings, and appointments, etc.) an ideal forum to offer a recommendation of their colleagues’ work if that is merited.

Real estate agent referral and team building

This Recommendation feature then provides other agents within the brokerage an opportunity to quickly view those colleagues who come most highly recommended by others, offering a perfect way for less-busy agents to garner new opportunities from others, and for the entire firm to get to know each others’ strong suits and special skills.

Keep in mind that Buddy Agents’ Recommendation feature is an anonymous platform.

Those agents who do an excellent job covering tasks for others receive positive accolades for their work, contributing to a sense of appreciation. Additionally, collaboration within the firm is strengthened as agents get to know each other and feed off each others strengths.

Work-Life Balance

Real estate agents and all workers crave an environment where Work-Life balance is truly embraced.

Indeed, that was a core concept for the founding of the Buddy Agent platform; a deep desire to develop a way for agents to protect their time and priorities, while also enjoying a good income.

And Buddy Agent does just that, ensuring that busy agents can easily farm out excess work and referrals, etc. to fellow agents while still reaping the rewards of compensation from those efforts.

Want to learn more about how Buddy Agent can increase your income while also building business and a happy, collaborative atmosphere within your brokerage?

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Reference: The Top 10 Factors for On-the-Job Happiness

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