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Buddy Agent is free until end of 2018! Use it and abuse it, share it with your colleagues and gain control back of your business and your life.

Create your own “On demand team” in three easy steps

Some Agents have called it a Game changer, some have called it a Tools that time has finally come, others just labeled it “the answer to their prayers” ….

Dali, the Co-Founder of Buddy Agent simply wanted it to become the solution to his own struggle in his real estate practice as a Realtor, a husband, and a father. His ultimate satisfaction is to see it help other struggling REALTORS out there as a contribution back to the Real Estate industry.

  • Download the App
  • Complete your profile and invite all your realtors friends and colleagues
  • Start leveraging your time, location and expertise to receive new referrals and tasks OR find buddies who can help you when you are busy and need assistance to protect your priorities

What is Buddy Agent?

A “Peer to Peer” platform that connects Agents to Opportunities, like referrals and fee based tasks

Why Buddy Agent?

There is a real disconnect between agents as we truly act as “independent contractors”, therefore we assume that we should take care of everything by ourselves. We also reply of our own resources to receive leads and referrals but miss out the “Abundance” of opportunities and help available from within our own network of realtors friends and colleagues

Who Is It For?

Any Agent create his or her own team on demand to share and find opportunities. Busy agents can find and delegate tasks to less busy agents

When Should I Use It?

When there is a conflict of schedule or a last-minute emergency. When there is too much in your plate that robbing your time away from your family or when there is nothing in your plate to feed that same family.

Where Should I Use It?

You can leverage your location to receive referrals and requests. You can leverage your expertise to be the go to agent for that perfect lead. Increase your listing inventory by farming to new markets and cities then use Buddy Agent to find Buddies locally to help you service those far away listings

When To Use It?

Use the the App to harness the abundance of opportunities available daily by your fellow Realtors. Leverage your existing network of Realtors friends, colleagues to have a private network where you can find help for your own transactions, refer them leads from your listings or receive referrals from their listings or just grab fee-based tasks from your busy colleagues to earn some income when things are slow for you