Helping You Protect Your Personal Life While Building Your Career

Protect Your Priorities

If you’re a real estate agent, you want to earn a good income doing what you enjoy, while being your own boss with a flexible schedule. Even if working nights and weekends is part of the business, sometimes you just need time off.

At some point, every agent needs a “buddy agent” to help with their business. A buddy is the perfect solution for an agent with a planned family vacation or a planned day off, or maybe two different clients who want to meet at the same time.

Increase Your Productivity

That’s why we made Buddy Agent ™ to help agents — like you — protect your personal life while building your career.

We know how it can be. Buddy Agent ™ was created by a full time agent for himself and his fellow agents.

With Buddy Agent ™, busy agents can easily find the right buddy to cover for them as needed, and less-busy agents can pick up extra tasks (and extra commissions) when they want.

“You are not in this business to sell real estate, you are in real estate to have a life.”

– Kevin Ward, Real Estate Coach

Go ahead…

take a Vacation!

Buddy Agent ™ helps busy agents protect their priorities and personal life without losing business or compromising the level of service to their clients. If anything, Buddy Agent ™ helps busy agents earn a better income with less business, by helping agents farm out excess work at the click of a button, while earning a share of the commission.

Buddy Agent ™ also enables less busy agents to get more leads and earn more income more easily. Less-busy agents no longer need to spend a ton of money on marketing services and products that don’t always help, and they don’t need to spend all their time cold calling.

Agents enrolled in Buddy Agent ™ can finally earn a good living *and* live a good life outside of their business.

Simple to Use
  • Agents sign up and share a few key details to help others find them
  • Then, if an agent needs a buddy, the agent quickly searches for someone within the firm with the right availability and expertise (residential, commercial, etc.). The system immediately shows any available buddy agents who meet the criteria, and the agent can offer a commission split or other payment to the buddy as an incentive to take the business.
  • Or, if an agent wants new leads and more business, the agent can list themselves as available. Buddy Agent  will notify agents as soon as a request comes in for their help, along with whatever financial incentive is part of the deal. The agent can quickly accept, reject, or propose different terms.
  • At any time, agents can add buddies to their “favorites” list to leverage their personal network and ensure the best results.