Help ALL Your Agents Stay Busy, More Productive, and Have a Life

Introducing the Broker Dashboard

Increase Revenue

We created Buddy Agent ™ to help busy agents easily give their excess business to less-busy agents in the same firm, helping your brokerage keep commissions within your company and maximize profits and efficiency.

With Buddy Agent ™, your busy agents can protect their priorities by quickly finding other agents within your firm who fit the needed availability, location, and expertise for a given task. Buddy Agent ™ sends out a quick alert to matching agents who can take the business, and the busy agent often includes an incentive such as a commission split, a fee, or a free lead.

Dig Deep Into Data

Buddy Agent requires no extra effort or oversight from YOU – the broker. BUT, if you wish to use it, the Buddy Agent Broker Portal has a simple, easy to use dashboard that offers a 10,000 foot view of your organization… one that you’ve likely never seen before.

The Buddy Agent Broker dashboard allows you to keep track of all of your agents’ activities, while also providing a comprehensive, statistical overview of their strengths, geographic locales, and areas of expertise.

The same profile information that allows each agent to choose the right buddy – and find the right referrals and opportunities – also allows the Broker to dig deep and excavate a solid understanding of each agents’ work activities and their potential to assist other agents.

Recruit Strategically, Not Blindly

Use the Buddy Agent ™ Broker Dashboard to truly understand the broad skill sets of the agents in your firm and where to focus your efforts in recruitment. The Brokerage Profile graphs enable you to hone in tightly on specific categories related to agent skills. Want an up-to-date view of how many agents speak German or Spanish? Or how many agents have designations and/or experience in the seniors niche? Or military specialty?

Reward and Motivate All Agents, Not Just Top Performers

Whether they’re rookies or seasoned agents simply in a slump, sometimes all it takes to get rolling is a couple of small wins. Utilize the Recognition board in the Broker Dashboard to acknowledge and reward agents who need it the most to keep them motivated and driven. Your real time data in your dashboard will highlight them for you next office meeting.

“80% of the Effects Come From 20% of the Causes..”

– Pareto Principle

The Buddy Agent Benefits

With Buddy Agent ™, Agents Have a New Way to Help Each Other in a Way That Just Wasn’t Possible Before
Fewer Missed Opportunities

If a busy agent can’t find someone to cover for them when there’s an emergency or a scheduling conflict between clients, they lose clients, which means you lose commissions. With Buddy Agent ™, not only do all referrals and leads stay in-house for more revenue and increased growth, but tasks get matched to the most suitable buddy to increase the odds of a successful transaction.

Less Need for Paid Leads

By tapping into the existing volume of extra leads and new business generated by the top 20% of agents, brokerages benefit from an abundance of internal referrals and more closings.

A “No-Brainer” Recruiting Magnet

Attract top talent to your firm by offering Buddy Agent ™. Any broker can give away free business cards, free brochures, negotiated splits, and so on. But how many give agents such an easy way to grow their income and service their clients better, while protecting their personal life and family time? New recruits will love all the new leads and referrals they can get, starting on their first day at your firm. Larger firms can get free Buddy Agent ™ licenses for new agents … for more information, schedule a demo.

More Productive Agents

Rookies, part-timers, and agents in a slump get a fresh supply of new leads, referrals and fee-based tasks. Buddy Agent means more business for you.

Increase Your Brand Exposure

Why settle for 1 or 2 open houses for a listing — especially the vacant ones — when you can have the property open every Saturday and Sunday until it’s sold? Just think of all the extra brand exposure you’ll get in each neighborhood with your signage, and the exposure you’ll receive when all your listings are having an open house at the same time.

Less Burnout and Lower Turnover Costs

Top-performing agents will think twice before accepting offers from competing brokers. Who’d want to leave a broker who gives them an easy way to balance their business and their personal life?