Buddy Agent: So you can actually have a life in real estate

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Buddy Agent is an in-office task, listing and buyer referral platform.

Platform(s): Browser-based; mobile optimized for iOS, Android
Ideal for: Larger offices and top producers
Launch: Coming soon

Top selling points

  • Quickly finds best-suited colleagues for referral need
  • Encourages team-based, collaborative environment
  • Highly engaging interface

Top concerns

  • Adoption fear
  • Multiple referrals of same buyer or listing

What you should know

I know one of those agents.

Well, I know her through friends and a meeting experience.

No one is more important than whoever is calling, texting or emailing at that moment.

In that meeting we had, she answered voicemails at the table while we were talking, blurting responses into the speaker phone in the middle of my sentences.

She’s exceptionally self-centered and frankly miserable to be around. She’s also one of the highest producers in our market.

The sad part is I’m confident she has no friends. And it’s because she can’t say “no” to business. Ever.

At the highest levels, real estate has a way of taking over.

Maybe it’s simply who she is. But there’s no denying that at the highest levels, real estate has a way of taking over, a way of making good people forget how to be present.


Buddy Agent was built to remedy this ugly byproduct of (any) business success.

The software’s developer saw real pain in the face of his son after he left him at the table during a challenging homework assignment to meet a demanding buyer.

The web and mobile software allows busy agents to take a break by handing off buyer and listing prospects quickly and professionally to other agents in their office.

Requests can be sent to fill in at an open house, handle a closing or attend to a buyer’s emergency.

When in need, agents can succinctly enter the request’s logistics, and Buddy Agent will automatically match the best colleagues for the job.


Making and managing requests

Upon setup, agents can’t submit a profile until it’s 100-percent complete to ensure every field contributes to an accurate database of skills and expertise. The goal is not just a match — but a good match.

The “Find A Buddy” feature is a rescue call of sorts, using GPS technology to identify the geographically closest agent to your need, who in exchange receives a financial incentive. The client and the commission always stay within the brokerage firm.

Referrals of buyers or sellers are easily sent and managed within the system and include note tools, completion parameters and when accepted, get converted to tasks.

Agents looking for more work can use the map search to unearth requests for help. If you take on a referral or task but can’t fulfill it, the “Release Me” feature alerts the other agent.

Users can create a list of “Favorite Agents” to contact quickly when they know a listing or buyer is better suited for them. Throughout the system, information and features present in a well-designed user interface that’s crisp and simple. It’s not doing too much.

A broker oversight portal is also underway, in which office managers can track and report on activity within the system.

I like technology solutions like this, those with a specific origin story behind them.


I also very much enjoy the fact that Buddy Agent encourages agents to be collaborative, and not fear losing grasp of a prospect.

For those in real estate who value time over money, Buddy Agent is here for you.

This article was originally written by Craig C. Rowe and published on Inman

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