What if there were two of you?

Yes, really. Two of you.

Two world-beating real estate agents working non-stop to grab referrals, add listings, provide exemplary customer service, and help eager folks buy and sell houses all across your market.

Call it a human clone if you’d like, or call it some weird mind-bending twist dreamed up by an overly-imaginative science fiction writer.

But one day you wake up and...poof! There are two you.

But it’s not science fiction or even a crazy dream.

It’s Buddy Agent.

We developed Buddy Agent into a suite of real estate products designed to bolster and double (maybe even triple) your production as a world-class real estate star.

In every sense of the word, the Buddy Agent platform acts as a unique partner to provide any time-strapped agent or broker with an easy, reliable, and intuitive way to ensure that a busy agent or group of agents really can be everywhere at once.

What if There Were Two of YOU? Get Just One More Transaction Per Month

 Buddy Agent accomplishes that mandate by allowing busy agents in a brokerage to find and assign tasks to less-busy agents in their own firm.

An easy-to-navigate interface on either a tablet, laptop, or smart phone utilizes our Buddy Agent Smart Match technology and allows busy agents to find agents in their own firm who are best-suited (geographically and experience-wise) to handle a task or job the busier agent needs done.

Ever faced a scenario where you really, really, really wished there were two of you?

Maybe an emergency popped up and you had to cancel a showing at your listing across town. Or perhaps you absolutely needed to schedule a week off to spend time with your family, but were hesitant to leave your clients, appointments, and listings at the mercy of fate.

Well then, just log on to Buddy Agent and find your clone.


A fellow real estate agent with the right credentials, designations, experience, and neighborhood knowledge. A fellow agent best-suited to handle a job nearly as well as you. Heck, who knows; maybe even better!

Thankfully, you don’t need to stumble into a strange space-warp anomaly to make this happen. And, you don’t need a degree in biology or genetic engineering to grow your own clone from scratch or DNA sampling.

All you really need is Buddy Agent. It’s not science fiction. It’s more like computer science, and we’ve designed it for you.

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Because everyone needs a clone. And everyone needs a Buddy Agent!

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Why Clone? Genetics – The University of Utah

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