A Better Way to Help Agents Expand Their Areas of Service

It’s an ongoing conundrum: Is it better for a real estate agent to hyper-serve a smaller geographic community or branch forth and expand their areas of service?

Obviously, that depends on each broker, agent, and unique situation, making it pretty difficult to generalize a set philosophy.

Furthermore, some agents may be anxious to get to work farming new neighborhoods, while others drag their feet a bit, more comfortable staying within the locales and areas they know best.

What is clear is that if a brokerage wishes to encourage agents to start knocking on doors, shaking hands, and building a book of business in new spots, it’s surely not enough any longer for the broker to pat the agent on the shoulder, shout “go get ’em, tiger!” and shove them out the door.

This is especially true if the agent is hesitant to dive too deeply into a new service area. Passing out flyers in new subdivisions is great, and so is joining the Chamber of Commerce or Rotary Club in the targeted suburb, but doesn’t it make sense for a brokerage to provide their people with technology – and a system! – that makes such expansion of service far less scary and much easier?

Buddy Agent to the Rescue!

Buddy Agent’s goal in life is to make collaboration, communication, and the sharing of tasks easier among the collective of agents within a brokerage.

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In fact, we have designed the Buddy Agent suite of products to serve as an easy platform for agents to branch into new areas and lean on each other to develop new business and opportunities, even in areas where they are perhaps a bit out of their comfort zone.

As you know, the most common objections to opening up an area of service typically include:

General Distance: The agent is concerned about wasted time, namely driving distance to a particular area and spending too much effort traveling to listing appointments, showings, open houses, networking meetings, etc.

Lack of Knowledge of the Area: Your real estate professionals are likely to be understandably uncomfortable about working an area that they have little knowledge of. How can you talk with confidence about area schools, parks, restaurants, shopping, recreation, or commute times if you don’t live in that area or have spent considerable time there?

Buddy Agent solves those dilemmas by clearly detailing the areas in which each agent lives, the areas in which they work and are knowledgeable, and the spots (and type of tasks) in which they’re willing to assist their colleagues.

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If a busy agent begins farming a new area in which she is less-experienced, she can effectively utilize Buddy Agent to discover which fellow agents in the brokerage are more comfortable with the community and happy to assist her with tasks ranging from open houses to showings to inspections.

Meanwhile, agents with knowledge of the area can leverage that experience to build additional income and opportunities from the effort of fellow agents.

Marketing for Leads

What some busier agents may find particularly useful is the idea of marketing to an area for leads, and then utilizing Buddy Agent to share those farmed leads with colleagues who specialize in that specific community. The busier agent may actually spend very little time physically in those farmed areas, but still benefits from the income derived from referrals or whatever compensation is agreed upon by the two agents.

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Buddy Agent delivers an intuitive way for a brokerage to support their agents – and provide technological advantage to them – all while ensuring income for the brokerage itself.

Schedule a demo today and see for yourself how Buddy Agent can make your year!

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