We’re proud that Buddy Agent was absolutely tailor-made for holiday weekends like Labor Day. Real estate agents who do NOT wish to work this weekend use Buddy Agent to find a colleague to cover showings or Open Houses for them.

Realtors who WANT to work this holiday weekend (and have some available time) use Buddy Agent to find & accept those tasks from their colleagues.

Real estate agent career statistics


Our goal with Buddy Agent was to develop a platform that would allow busy agents to both HAVE A LIFE and still meet their responsibilities, while allowing other agents to gain experience and opportunities through our suite of products.

It’s a win-win situation for all, including brokers.

REALTORS and all real estate agents work extremely hard in an industry that demands quite a bit from both them and their families. It’s an industry with its ups-and-downs and a set of very unique challenges.

At Buddy Agent, we think real estate professionals completely represent the spirit in which Labor Day was founded: To honor a hard-working labor force that goes above and beyond to achieve their own dreams, while also helping others (homeowners) to realize their own American Dream of home ownership.

Happy Labor Day Weekend to you and our thanks to the National Association of REALTORS for their development of this excellent infographic featured above.

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