There’s been a sea change in how we conduct business today.

Feedback, reviews, recommendations, and “number of stars” are vital tools – at least online – when it comes to determining the quality of a product and the customer service skills of a company or individual.

Amazon, Uber, and eBay have trained an entire generation of consumers to value feedback scores as a vital tool when determining who to buy a product or service from, and this technique has trickled down to a wide variety of business sectors, including freelance job sites and even dating services.

At Buddy Agent, we’ve taken this valuable feedback forum and tweaked it as a way for you to determine which of your fellow real estate colleagues are among the best-suited and reliable for a particular task that you – the hiring agent – needs handled.

We call it a “recommendation” and it’s also a vital way for a less-busy agent to showcase his or her skills and reliability as it pertains to handling real estate tasks for other agents.
Let’s face it; if you’re a new or inexperienced agent, it can be quite difficult to build a book of business and learn the intricacies of the real estate game. Many new folks gain experience (and pick up important leads) by volunteering to cover an open house or similar job for a busier agent.

But in large brokerage where there are tons of new agents, how do you stand out and begin to efficiently network with your colleagues and gain their trust?

Buddy Agent Recommendations

Well, you do it with Buddy Agent and by paying special attention to garnering a impressive array of RECOMMENDATIONS from your fellow agents for jobs well done.

Just like an Uber driver or a seller on eBay, these recommendations serve to display your trustworthiness and push more business your way.

And, if you’re a busy agent who needs a task handled, our Buddy Agent Recommendation system drops a little peace of mind into your lap, allowing you to spend a worry-free day with your family or sweetheart. Indeed, the job you’ve assigned to a fellow agent is going to be handled.
Does it make sense to handle your real estate business and important clients any other way?


You assign tasks and important jobs to the fellow agents who have already shown their commitment and reliability through garnering impressive recommendations on the Buddy Agent platform.

What could make more sense?

Ask your broker to schedule a Demo today and learn more about how Buddy Agent will make your brokerage an even better – and more profitable – place to work.


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