There are few things more frustrating in the world than being a real estate agent with TOO much time on your hands.

Two important questions bombard your brain constantly: “Where are the listings?” and “Where are the buyers?

Whether you’re a new agent just now trying to get rolling or an experienced pro suffering through the doldrums, the pain – and financial pressure – is all too real.

Buddy Agent business platform for real estate brokers

Learn More About the Buddy Agent Platform for Agents

Most real estate brokers and colleagues will suggest that there is only one way to finally get things in order; get ONE. Just one. Focus on one. Namely, one new transaction.

It’s amazing (almost magical) how getting just one fresh transaction on the books can often lead to the gates swinging open and a bounty of new business flooding your way.

But what can you do to “prime the pump” and make that magic happen? How can you work up:

Just one listing

Just one buyer

Just one referral

Setting Real Estate Goals with Buddy Agent

You’re at a disadvantage if you’re new to the business or simply haven’t developed a strong network of associates and colleagues that can help. This can be true even at your own brokerage where many of your colleagues may be slow to help an agent (new or experienced) that they do not know well.

That’s why we’ve designed the Buddy Agent platform with this specific dilemma in mind.

More About the Buddy Agent Platform for Brokers

Buddy Agent is a mobile and web-based platform with features that help agents within a brokerage get to know each other, share tasks, and discuss referrals. We think it’s a fantastic way for less-busy agents to find business and to grow a reputation of trust and competence among colleagues.

real estate business app for agents

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Business Plans for Real Estate Agents

Look, there’s no denying the fact that to be a successful real estate agent, one has to make calls, shake hands, kiss babies, and pound the pavement.

But it seems a shame that so much UNTAPPED opportunity rests right between the walls of your own brokerage.

Buddy Agent is all about helping less-busy agents find new business via their own colleagues and making sure that opportunity – and money – is shared among the professionals at your brokerage.

Learn more about Buddy Agent today, contact us for more details and – if we may boldly suggest – forward this to your broker and ask them to consider scheduling a Buddy Agent demo.

It only takes one. One day. One listing. One opportunity.

Buddy Agent: Helping you find THE One.

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