A Solution to Squandered Opportunities

Smart real estate brokers understand that their best agents – yes, even their top producers – need to “get away from it all” once in awhile and refresh with a great vacation.

But it can be a real drag when some of those relaxing breaks with family happen during the summer months, typically among the busiest of times for a real estate brokerage. If you’re like most brokers, you probably hope that your people schedule their down-time during the less-frantic months in your market but, of course, that’s not something you can necessarily dictate.

You keep your fingers crossed and hope that your agents “covered the bases” during their time away, but deep down you KNOW the probable truth:

Summer vacations in the real estate industry = lost business.

YOU probably LOST a LOT of money.

Yes, when you really think about it – when you multiply the number of agents in your firm (who vacationed during the summer) with all those lost opportunities and lost business – you can likely come up with a pretty hefty chunk of money left on the table.

Well, that’s just the cost of doing business, right? There’s nothing you can really do about that, right?


The Buddy Agent Platform

The Buddy Agent suite of products was specifically designed to alleviate that sort of dilemma for brokers and agents alike. Indeed, the genesis of Buddy Agent can be found in the desire of one of the company’s co-founders (a busy real estate agent himself) to develop a way to spend more time (and vacations) with his family without sacrificing business and missing referrals and listings.

real estate business applications for busy agents

Seriously. Buddy Agent is ALL ABOUT making that a possibility for agents and their brokers.

When the idea for Buddy Agent started to coalesce, we sat around and brainstormed every feature – every need – that we could possibly come up with to make the system as valuable as possible (plus, simple and easy) for real estate professionals everywhere.

We continually asked one primary question: What do we need to add to ensure that agents and brokers can have some free time and still manage all their responsibilities?

The answers were usually clear and the real fun – the excitement!- has been in implementing those solutions into the Buddy Agent platform and application.

Truth be told, we’re pretty happy with what we’ve come up with and the response we’ve received from nearly every broker who’s viewed one of our demonstrations tells us that we’ve done a solid job of nailing it!

The Basics: A Real Estate Business Application

Agents and brokers alike love the fact that busy agents can easily hand off tasks they don’t have time for to their less-busy colleagues, while those colleagues earn a bit of extra cash or grab a referral (or whatever compensation is agreed upon.) It’s also a pretty effective way for newer agents to gain some experience and start to build their book of business.

Meanwhile, brokers (who you may have noticed are pretty busy people themselves) can easily utilize the Buddy Agent Broker Portal to monitor this activity and try and make sure that no opportunities – and no “Benjamin Franklins” – are lost.

Image of the Buddy Agent Broker Portal


But, We Digress

This blog post isn’t about selling you on all the features and benefits of the Buddy Agent application. Well, okay, it is a little bit, but that information is covered elsewhere on this website and blog.

What we really just wanted you to know is that there is an option; a way for both brokers and agents to have some time away from the real estate business while also ensuring that business is taken care of! We’re pretty proud of what we’ve put together with Buddy Agent and we think you’ll be impressed.

Schedule a demo with us today and discover that summer vacations in real estate can actually work just dandy at your brokerage!

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